Bags of wall plaster

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A white plaster finish will be applied to the walls, columns, decorative cloud brackets, and mantra beams of the temple, which will support traditional paintings, motifs and all of the decorative moulds.

The plaster will also protect the inside walls from daily wear and play an important role in regulating temperature, relative humidity and acoustics while bathing the environment in soft light, providing a pristine setting for the inner decoration of the temple and a soothing surrounding for practice.

Tibetan artists are traditionally anonymous. With this same spirit of genorosity we can 'paint' the temple in plaster and sign it as a dedication in our heart for a loved one and for the benefit of all beings. And of course your name or the name offered by you will be included on the scroll of donors to be enshrined in the temple when it is complete.

Your offering of a bag of plaster will also make a supporting connection with many other aspects of the success of the temple as a place for study and practice.

"Compassion is the keen awareness of the interdependence of all things."
Thomas Merton

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