Earth represents mind’s ability to serve as the ground for all experience and appears in the forms all around us.

Just before Buddha attained enlightenment, the demon Mara tried unsucessfully to tempt him with magical illusions. As a last effort, Mara challenged: “Who says you are worthy of enlightenment?” Buddha extended his right hand to touch the ground. The Earth Goddess then appeared and said, “I serve as witness.”

In 2015 Orgyen Tobgyal Rinpoche performed a ritual at the temple site to remove any obstacles to the building. On the next day, he buried an Earth Goddess vase at the centre of the foundation, to bless and make the land auspicious. Read more here.

On this occasion, Orgyen Tobgyal Rinpoche recounted the Buddha’s words; that if you carry a stone seven steps towards a temple to help in its building, this is so meritorious that you will be reborn seven times as a universal monarch, before finally attaining complete enlightenment.

By sponsoring the elements for the temple, we too can accumulate inconceivable merit and dedicate this to those we love and to all sentient beings.