If you wish for sublime realization, offer hundreds of lights".
Chakrasamvara Tantra

Fire represents the clarity of mind and its capacity to perceive. It is the energy of life and that which gives us light.

Light is one of the most powerful offerings, symbolizing wisdom. Just as a lamp dispels darkness, offering light represents removing the darkness of ignorance in order to attain the luminous clarity of wisdom.

Your sponsorship of temple lighting is an offering that will be continuously made. Your light will illuminate the shrines, statues and words of the Buddha, the thangkas and all of the sacred decoration and art that will make the temple such a rich celebration of this unique wisdom tradition.

Your offering can be dedicated in the name of your loved ones, to those who have died, and ultimately for the benefit of all sentient beings.

This illuminating lamp of original pure awareness
I offer to the maṇḍala deities of Vidyādhara Padmakara.
May all beings, my mothers, wherever awareness pervades,
Attain the dharmakāya level of aware emptiness.
The ‘Lamp Aspiration’ by Mipham Rinpoche