Heat Recovery Ventilation

26 000,00 € inc. tax

The temple heat-recovery ventilation will use a cross-flow heat-exchanger, introducing fresh air without the loss of heat or humidity, which is healthy for the building and the people in it and promotes efficient energy use.

This mechanical process reminds of ideas exchange and transformation that are woven throughout Buddhist scripture and practice. 

The metaphor of a kind of spiritual 'air-condtioning' is sometimes used to describe compassion practices; where we take on the suffering of others and offer them our happiness.

Pema Chodron describes the feeling of tonglen visualisation: "Breathe in feelings of heat, darkness, and heaviness—a sense of claustrophobia—and breathe out feelings of coolness, brightness, and light—a sense of freshness."

When we enjoy the fresh air in the temple we can use this to remind us of the power of the practice and bring our mind to a wish for the wellbeing and happiness of others.

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