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In all the worlds great spiritual traditions lights are offered in prayer and remembrance.

In Buddhist tradition, just as light dispels darkness, light offerings symbolize the clearing away of ignorance and the discovery of our Buddha Nature, the enlightened capacity that resides within all beings.

People offer lamps for many reasons; for loved ones suffering or facing difficulties, for those who have passed away, at times of personal challenge, and for celebrations and new projects.

Your offering of light in the temple will burn for years to come.

May this vessel become as vast as the entire billionfold universe!
May its wick grow as large as Sumeru, the king of mountains!
May the oil within become as vast as the great ocean at the edge of the world!
And may a billion such lamps appear before each and every buddha!
Their light banishing the darkness of ignorance everywhere.
From a Light Offering Prayer by Atiśa Dīpamkara



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Love und Compassion to all

Ruth Hartmann

The 5 lights that I sponsor are dedicated to: Gertrud Zovkic (deceased December 2018), my daughter Viola Hartmann, and all Ancestor and Descendent of the families Bonzel, Hilchenbach und Hartmann. May we all very quickly realize the enlightened mind of the Master for the benefit of all senting beeings.

Offering lights for 5 people

Joost Willems

The 5 lights that i sponsor are dedicated to: Sarina Iseger (deceased February 2018 because of suicide) Agaath Gerbrandy (deceased April 2018 because of suicide) Karla Vissers (deceased April 2018 because of suicide) Cassey Dansen (suffers from mental problems) Annette Snip (suffers from mental problems) May they attain enlightenment in this or their next life!
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