Paving Stones

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The simple practice of mindful walking has always had a sacred significance in Buddhism.

Circumambulation, walking clockwise around a sacred object or place, such as a stupa or temple, is a method to accumulate merit and progress on the path to enlightenment.

Kora, the Tibetan word for "circumambulation" is also used for a pilgrimage in which a practitioner makes a circumambulation around a sacred site or object. In fact, the idea of circumambulation is so closely associated with pilgrimage that the word 'kora' is often used to refer to the entire pilgrimage experience in Tibet.

A donation offered towards a square metre of stone paving for the upper terraces of the temple will allow meditators to circumambulate the Sambhogakaya and Dharmakaya shrine rooms long into the future, bringing benefit and blessings to many. It will also be an offering to the structure of the temple that will become an important site of pilgrimage for the future.

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