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A wood of 365 trees is being planted behind the temple, to create an auspicious environment in line with the ancient science of geomancy.

Among the varieties of trees are oak and evergreen oak, holly and sea holly, hazel, birch, larch, dogwood, rose and rhododendrun.

Old wood has been cleared to create fire breaks, but whenever possible younger trees are being moved rather than cut.

An offering of a tree in your name or the name of a loved one, will create a growing connection with the beautifying of the temple surroundings and the positive spiritual integrity of the site. Your offering will also be made to the world and future generations.

The Dalai Lama has written a powerful poem encouraging ecological responsibility which emphasises the sacred role of trees as symbols and as vital parts of our living world.

From 'The Sheltering Tree of Interdependence:
A Buddhist Monk's Reflections on Ecological Responsibility'
by His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama

Under a tree was the great Saga Buddha born
Under a tree, he overcame passion
And attained enlightenment,
Under two trees did he pass in Nirvana,
Verily, the Buddha held the tree in great esteem

Here, where Manjusri's emanation
Lama Tson Khapa's body bloomed forth
Is marked by a sandal tree
Bearing a hundred thousand images of the Buddha

Is it not well known
That some transcendental deities
Eminent local deities and spirits
Make their abode in trees?

Flourishing trees clean the wind
Help us breathe the sustaining air of life
They please the eye and sooth the mind
Their shade makes a welcome resting-place

In Vinaya, the Buddha taught monks
To care for tender trees,
From this, we learn the virtue
Of planting, of nurturing trees.

The Buddha forbade monks to cut
Cause others to cut living plants
Destroy seeds or defile the fresh green grass
Should this not inspire us
To love and protect our environment?

They say, in the celestial realms
The trees emanate
The Buddha's blessings
And echo the sound
Of basic Buddhist doctrines
Like impermanence

It is tree that brings rain
Trees that hold the essence of the soil
Kalpa-Taru, the tree of wish-fultillment
Virtually resides on earth
To serve all purposes

In times of yore
Our forbears ate the fruits of trees
Wore their leaves
Discovered fire by the attrition of wood
Took refuge amidst the foliage of trees
When they encountered danger

Even in this age of science
Of technology
Trees provide us shelter
The chairs we sit in
The beds we lie on
When the heart is ablaze
With the fire of anger
Fueled by wrangling
Trees bring refreshing, welcome coolness

In the trees lie the roars
Of all life on earth
When it vanishes
The land exemplified by the name
Of the Jambu tree
Will remain no more than a dreary, desolate desert.



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Joan FitzGerald

Looking at the list of trees is lovely but I think you should reconsider Rhododendron considering the problems they have caused in Killarney National Park.They can take over!

Re Dontion for Trees


I would like if there was a some type of Card given as acknowledgement of purchase of Tree as it would be nice when one would visited The Tenple it would be visible with a No or some type of ref. Only A Thought Sending Love Light & Blessings


Jane Jackson

You do know that rhododendron is an alien invasive species particularly detrimental to oak forestry. It is an offence to plant it in the wild.
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