Wiring the temple for sound

16 000,00 € inc. tax

By sponsoring the cabling for the temple sound system you are making it possible to channel the teachings and practices from the source to the people who will benefit.

The bases of training in the Dharma "are what are called the 'three wisdom tools': the wisdom of listening and hearing; the wisdom of contemplation and reflection; and the wisdom of meditation. Through them we are brought to reawaken to our true nature, through them we uncover and come to embody the joy and freedom of what we truly are, what we call 'the wisdom that realizes egolessness'." (The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying)

Listening and hearing are the first steps of the path of spiritual education which leads to enlightenment. As we progress along the path we benefit from further teachings that speak to our condition and situation, and engage in practices and prayers to deepen our realisation and bring benefit to the world.

By funding the wiring of the temple for sound you are creating the condition for great Masters to teach and for many, many people to gain inspiration, insight and understanding, which will ultimately lead to complete realisation of their true nature!

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